Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Painting Update - SAGA (and a Warning)

I managed to finish the 4 point Anglo-Danish Warband today. I'm also starting to get a little tired of hand painting shields. Those LBMS transfers are starting to look like a good purchase...

The Warlord.

Hearthguard with Dane-Axes.

Regular Hearthguard.


The second unit of Warriors. 

I also managed to get my hands on a few Norman knights, and I finished the Warlord last night:

And for the Warning. When transporting certain miniatures (as a hypothetical example, let's say they're spaceship miniatures on flight stands) from one area to another, be aware that these certain miniatures may or may not be relatively unstable, which may lead to them falling from whatever you're using to carry them. Which would lead to them smashing on the ground and possibly breaking into multiple pieces that may or may not have snapped off within one another. 

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