Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Painting Update - SAGA

Sorry about the lack of a post last week. I hadn't done anything hobby related, so I decided to take a break rather then spew out some opinion piece to fill the space. 

After a few weeks of painting, I finally managed to complete the 5 points of Vikings I have for SAGA. 

The Warlord, with his shield inscribed with runes to keep him safe. 

The hearthguard - the same that failed me in the last battle they were in. 

Hearthguard Berserkers, the glass cannons of the Vikings. 

The first unit of Warriors. 

And the second unit of Warriors. 

Bow-armed Levy. 

As I said, this comes to 5 points of in-game units. A standard game of SAGA is played at 6 points, and I've been wondering how to get that last point. A single unit of Levy is more than enough for Vikings, especially as they don't have any way of improving missile attacks from their Battleboard, and Levy are generally useless in melee. Another unit of Warriors might be useful, as I could split it into two and combine them with the Warriors I already have, giving me two 12-strong Warrior units.

But what really interests me is another unit of standard Hearthguard. Berserkers aren't an option, since a Vikings warband can only take a single unit (4 men). But another unit of regular Hearthguard could be combined with the unit I already have and give me an 8-strong unit in-game. Not only would this give me 16 attacks in melee - which can go much higher with the abilities available to the Vikings - but it also increases their chances of staying on the table after a bad round of combat.

However, my attention at the moment turns now from the Vikings to my second SAGA faction - the Anglo-Danes. My starter warband arrived earlier in the week, and the miniatures have been cleaned up and glued to their bases. I'm hoping to have them based (Drydex'd, I suppose) and primed.

My ultimate goal is to have the contents of the two starter warbands painted as soon as possible. There's a FLGS near my university that's very heavy on Warmachine/Hordes and 40k, but no Historical wargames. I'm hoping the similarities between SAGA and Warmachine/Hordes and the relative cheap price of getting into the game can attract some players.