Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Painting Update - Napoleonics

The move from New Jersey to Maryland has been a major disruption for my hobby time, thus the lack of posts to the blog.

The biggest casualty has been my painting motivation. I'm lucky that the new place has enough room that I can keep my painting table set up, but I've found it difficult to find the time or drive to pick up the paint brushes. I've been trying to ramp myself back up, by taking about 15 minutes a day to get some work done. 

This also means that I'm way, way behind on my Napoleonic project that I talked about at the beginning of the year. I still haven't finished the Russians for Weissenfels, let alone the French (which still need to be ordered, let alone assemble and paint). 

Attentive readers may point out that I also failed the other objective of the Napoleonic campaign, which was to refrain from starting any new projects. Ah, well. 

Update: Since writing this post (and letting it sit in my drafts for weeks), I've finally managed to start painting again. The slump lasted a couple months, but I think I've gotten back into the groove of painting. The biggest hurdle was having all of the Russian infantry out on my desk. I've since placed them out of sight, only bringing out a unit's worth of infantry at a time. 

Just prior to the move I did finish the last unit of Russian cavalry for Weissenfels, the Soum Hussars. 

And the unit that I managed to finish recently was a battalion of the Schusselburg regiment. 

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