Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Painting Update - Napoleonics

Well! It's been few months since I talked about the Napoleonic project. While I had to take a slight detour to work on finishing two Strength & Honour armies for Chaeronea, I've delved back into the Napoleonic project with the Russians. 

The first unit I finished this year were Russian Dragoons, specifically the Finland Regiment. Likes all of the cavalry so far, these are from AB miniatures. 

They're the only regiment so far to carry a flag, which from what I've been able to find was relatively rare for cavalry units during the Napoleonic period. 

I also finished a unit of Hussars, the golden-boys of the battlefield. These striking uniforms belong to the Alexandria Regiment. 

To command the various cavalry units, I painted a trio of commanders for the Russians. These are from AB Figures, like the rest of the cavalry. 

Here's the first Russian infantry battalion, flying the Mourmansk muster colors. They're Hamilton figures from Viking Forge. Not overly detailed, but they're cheap and paint up quickly.

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