Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Double Time!, Part 2 - General d'Armee AAR

This past weekend the crew gathered together at Ted's to finish our refight of Corunna. 

From last week, the British were on the back foot, with the French pressing hard up the hill and advancing from Elviña. 

A round of poorly conducted charges, however, saw Steve repulse both French brigades commanded by Ted and me. 

Près John and loin John continued their advancing, exchanging fire with Chip's Guard brigades. I was supporting their attack with long-range fire from the artillery brigade. 

A poor Destiny roll forced Chip's Guards brigade to retreat. He rallied the brigade, but the British were stuck in a poor position, overlapping and unformed. 

One of Steve's British Battalions also routed after taking continued fire from Ted's horse artillery, but the other battalion in the brigade not only held, but advanced in the face of my French brigade. 

The game ened with two French retreats. Près John's charge against the defending Guards battalion failed, and Steve brought his Highlanders down from the hill to hit one of my infantry battalions that was in poor form. 

We decided to call it there, as GdA's timescale would place sunset (which ended the historical battle) at around turn 14. 

After some deliberating between the players, we decided the game was a draw. Both sides could claim a victory from the battle; the French absolutely battered the British units defending the retreat, but were still kept from sweeping down onto the transports. 

We'll be picking GdA up again in a couple weeks with another scenario that looks like a lot of fun! And in the mean time, I'll be sure to pick up a copy of GdA for myself. 

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