Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Painting Update - Warmaster

I'll be heading out to Historicon tomorrow, so here's a quick look at the last two parts of my Daemons of Chaos army for the Warmaster tournament. 

The second cavalry brigade for the Deamons is a mix between Chariots and Cavalry. While I could have taken Daemon Hounds to support the last couple Chariot units, I decided to use Cavalry instead, since they get 4 base attacks and a 5+ save in combat. 

And to round out the army, here's another brigade of three required Daemon Hordes and another Daemon Swarm to take any incoming ranged attacks.

So that's it! 18 units, with a Breakpoint of 9. We'll see how the Daemonic Instability rules and the Summon Daemons spell work against each other. 

Get ready for plenty of Historicon posts over the next weeks!

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