Wednesday, October 20, 2021

War in the Air - Wings of War AAR

Wanting something lighter to put together for this past weekend's game night, Ted brought out his sizable Wings of War collection for some lightning-fast engagements. 

And it has been a while since I've seen a "Wings of" game! The last time I can recalling playing was way back in 2014!

Our first game saw Steve and I piloting a pair of Fokker Dr.1s while Chip and Ted flew in a pair of Sopwith Camels.

To start, we only played with the Jamming rules in the damage decks, to get a feel for how the maneuver decks worked.

Unfortunately, Steve's conspicuous red plane ended up being the main target of the British pilots and was shot down first.

Steve ended up flying off the table by accident, so Ted and I ended up dueling to see who would control the skies. Luckily, that ended up being me!

For the second game, we played using most of the damage deck conditions (jammed steering rudders, fire, smoke, etc). 

With a better handle on the maneuver decks, both sides were learning how to keep themselves alive for longer. 

Immelmann turns were a favorite, since the slower-yet-nimble biplanes could spin around and fire at an enemy plane that was closing in from behind. 

Like last game, Steve and Chip had the bad luck of being shot down first, which gave Ted the opportunity to take his revenge and shoot down my plane. 

For our third game, we switched up the planes. Steve and I moved over to a pair of Fokker D.VIIIs while Ted and Chip piloted a RAF S.E.5a and a Sopwith Snipe.

Ted's S.E.5a was lightning fast compared to the rest of the planes, while the D.VIIIs and Snipe had some absolutely mind-boggling maneuver cards (like the D.VIII's ability to use two stall cards in a row, or being able to use stalling turns for quick turnarounds). 

While I chased Ted for a few turns, Steve and Chip went at it like a pair of bare-knuckle boxers.

Which, despite the more 'robust' builds of these later-war planes, ended in somewhat predictable results. 

And then led to what Steve called the "Ted and Brian Show." While my Fokker was less damage, I had suffered a broken steering rudder and could no longer turn left. Ted's S.E.5a had a bunch of damage cards. It came down to who could get the right angle, and that ended up being me (thanks again to the Fokker's tiny turn radius). 

Three games in as many hours! Wings of War makes for a fast-past but still complex game. The pre-programming of the planes actions makes for some fun guessing games and brilliant moments of tactical foresight (or coincidence, depending on who's firing at who!). 

It's a shame I wasn't around for WoW back in it's glory days. I believe that Wings of Glory is almost completely compatible, but the game doesn't seem as popular as it did a few years back (after Fantasy Flight Games dropped it). 

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