Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Jungle Altar-cation - Mythic Americas AAR

I've been pushing the local group to play more Mythic Americas, which had languished in the Covid void since last year. Josh took me up on my battle challenge and so macuahuitls and tomahawks clashed in a skirmish set in the jungles of Mesoamerica. 

I set up a pretty standard table, with some contributions from Sam - like the massive ziggurat - who was watching alongside Bill as Josh and I played. 

The Balance of the Way (primary scenario) was "Build Altars to the Gods." To score victory points, warbands would need to spend a turn either building an altar in the opponent's half of the table, or knock down an altar that the enemy had built on their own side.  

My Everliving Aztecs had ten Order dice, and the warband consisted of:
  • Tlalocan High Priest
  • 2 units of Tlalocan-Bound Dead x10
  • Tlalocan-Bound Marauders x3
  • Jaguar Warriors x7
  • 2 units of Eagle Warriors x5
  • Spider Sisters x3
  • Ayar (Bound Monstrosity) 

Josh's Everchanging Tribal Nations also had ten Order dice, and had:
  • Sachem on War Eagle
  • Medicine Man
  • 2 units of Mohawk Warriors x5
  • 4 units of Seneca Archers x5
  • Wolves x5
  • War Eagles x3

Deployment was pretty simple - 6" from a table edge. The ziggurat divided the table and turned the game into two smaller conflicts: my living warriors and Ayar facing off against most of Josh's infantry on one side, and my undead against Josh's mythical units on the other. 

The game started with my Ayar getting absolutely hammered by Josh's ranged units. While it did end up chewing through a few Nations units, it was a harsh reminder that the Erehwon rules aren't vey friendly to Monstrosities!

While my undead horde rolled forward, my living warriors had to take a more cautious approach as they were under fire from Josh's archers. I also didn't know where the War Eagles and mounted Sachem was heading, since they could easily move 30" in a single turn. 

Josh decided to have the Eagles split off into two groups. The Sachem led his mount deep into my lines, hoping to quickly drop off an Altar somewhere I couldn't easily reach. The other group went straight into the morbid mess of the Ayar. Unfortunately, while their claws did some damage and stripped the monster of some of its cadaverous armor, the Eagles were wiped out in the process. 

Over the next couple turns, the battlefield was quickly emptying as units wiped each other out. The Ayar's "Stuck-In" special rule caught two Nations units, and the monstrosity killed the Medicine Man and a unit of archers before dying in turn. This let Josh reveal and score a victory point for his Devotion (secondary objective), Trophy Hunters. The coin in the picture showed where the Ayar fell, and Josh's units would need to stay near the trophy to score another point at the end of the game.

I then rushed up the useless Spider Sisters (since the Ayar was gone and the Sisters were only in my warband to increase the monstrosity's armor through spells) to the light cover on Josh's side of the table, as I had chosen it for my own Devotion, Consecrated Ground. Josh wasn't going to let such an easy target go, and massacred the Spider Sisters with a well-timed volley of tomahawks from his Mohawk Warriors.

In response, I charge the Mohawks with my unit of Jaguar Warriors, and after a fierce melee, only a couple of the Aztec knights were left standing. This let them score the Devotion on the next turn, scoring me a point.

Just out of sight, Josh had a unit of Seneca archers build an altar to score a point for the turn.

With the final turn of the game, Josh managed to sneak by and knock down one of my altars as my undead chased around the surviving Mohawk Warrior. 

I also used my Eagle Warriors to knock down an Altar, scoring another point. 

Unfortunately, a disastrously timed failed Order test kept Josh's Sachem from flying in and preventing him from scoring the bonus point for his Devotion, which left the Aztecs with 4 points against the Tribal Nations' 2. The gods of the Triple Alliance were pleased with the sacrifices!

Another fun game of Mythic Americas. There's still plenty we need to explore, like the scenarios, and Josh and I need to become more familiar with our chosen factions' strengths and weaknesses. 

However, it's great to get the game on the table. I think the Devotions of the Way and the Blessings of the Way (the single-use cards each players get) adds a great set of twists to the original Erehwon rules. 

It looks like Josh will be picking up the Inca when they come out, and I'll be waiting for the Maya to be released. 

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