Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Painting Update - ACW, Squadhammer, Battletech

This week's post is another painting update. 

I completed another set of commanders from Pendraken for my 10mm ACW project. Both sides got a Division commander (denoted by the flagbearer), another Brigade commander, and a staff officer model promoted to command either artillery brigades or other formations.

I also finished a Dreadnought for my Squadhammer project. I think the third-party legs look pretty good, giving the Dreadnought a look somewhere between the normal squat, box-shaped version and the sleeker Contemptor version. The Sergeant is for scale. 

Speaking of older projects, I've also finished the support lances for my Battletech mercenary force. A while back I posted a lance of Manticore tanks, which are the main punch of the tank company. 

The second lance of the company is made up of two Bulldog tanks and two SRM carriers. This lance is a close range force that supports the Manticores when enemy units get too close for their PPCs to be effective. 

The third lance in the company consists of two Galleon tanks and two LRM carriers. The Galleons are fast scout tanks that can act as spotters for the LRM carriers. The LRM carriers add to the firepower of the Manticores at long range. 

Finally, I added an air lance of two Warrior helicopters. While lightly armed, the Warriors make for decent scouts for the company. 

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