Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Painting Update - ACW, Battletech

With Covid-19 cases rising in the area, gaming has slowed down, and unfortuantely my painting enthusiasm has flagged. I'm still chipping away at various armies and projects here and there. 

I finally got back to completing my 10mm ACW project. I had drifted away from it after working on the infantry regiments, and I only had the artillery and limbers to work on. So I pulled them out of storage and focused on them. That's the project complete! 

I may add more brigades over time. It seems like four brigades of four regiments each (and each regiment made up of five bases) makes for a good sized force. At the moment I have half those numbers, so they'd be good for either smaller engagements or for combining with someone else' collection. 

Recently I got my pledge for the BattleTech: Clan Invasion kickstarter, which produced newly redesigned plastic miniatures of older, iconic battlemechs used by the Clans and the Houses of the Inner Sphere.

I've painted my mechs as part of Clan Jade Falcon. 

The Clan Command Star contains a light-class Mist Lynx, and two medium-class mechs, a Shadow Cat and Storm Crow.

Also included are a heavy-class Summoner and an assault-class Dire Wolf.

And I also completed my last lance for my mercenary company! This lance contains two heavy-class mechs - a Warhammer and a Rifleman - a medium-class Phoenix Hawk, and a light-class Wasp

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