Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Painting Update - ACW, WW2

Here's what I've been working on.

Progress on the 10mm American Civil War project continues. I finished four more regiments of Confederates with more variations to their uniforms.

I've begun work on my 1939 German force for the planned September Campaign re-fight later this year (if the pandemic in my area continues at a minimal level). I've got enough infantry, guns, and vehicles to field a decent variety.

This Pak 36 wasn't too difficult to put together, although there's a real dearth of assembly instructions for Warlord's metal miniatures.

Unlike machine guns, mortars, and anti-tank guns, I don't often see infantry support guns on the table of many platoon scale WW2 games. Maybe that's just an oversight on my part. But I didn't want to build my early war force without a light howitzer in support. 

With the use of Vallejo's "panzer grey" primer, painting the vehicles for this project is going to be easy.

This is a Sd.Kfz 231 6-Rad, a rarer armored car that's production stopped in 1937.

Also completed was a Sd.Kfz 222, another armored that saw production almost until the end of the war. 

These vehicles were also my first experience with applying waterslide decals. The application of the decals went much easier than expected. I used a combination of art supply gloss varnish and Testors' decal set liquid. 

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