Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Painting Update - ACW, AWI

The lockdown continues, and so does my painting progress. 

I had to wait for a delivery from the UK to call them complete, but the flags from Wargames Design look fantastic on these 10mm Union troops for my American Civil War project. These are two of the eight regiments of infantry I've done for the Union, and I'm working on an equal amount of Confederate troops.

Also finished are the limbers for the Union artillery. These are from Old Glory, and I'll be using a second pack for the Confederate guns.

I also went back to my 15mm American War of Independence project for Rebels & Patriots. With the Continentals finished, I started work on the British.

The bulk of the British force is made up of three units of Line Infantry, with green, blue, and yellow facing.

I plan to paint the Light Infantry and Grenadiers with facings from these three units, as these units were usually combined together from their parent regiments to act together. The scale will be a little off, but I'm expecting it to look good.

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