Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Painting Update - Sea People, Middle Earth SBG

Since getting back from Barrage I've been working away on more projects, mostly fantasy focused. 

I got through a box of Mordor Orcs to supplement the horde of Morannon Orcs that came in the Pelennor Fields starter set.

Mordor Orcs aren't as strong or as heavily armored as their Morannon counterparts, but they are cheaper in points. And the Mordor faction bonus gives a Courage and Wound bonus if they've got more bodies on the table.

I also added a couple Warg Riders, along with Wild Warg/dismounts to match. I'll be using them in an upcoming tournament to add some speed to the list. 

And to round off the army, I finished painting Kardush the Firecaller, a named Orc Shaman, and a generic Ringwraith both on foot and mounted.

And that's Mordor completed! There's some other models I may want to add, but I've got a good mix of models to play with. I may get some some Morgul Knights and Black Numenoreans, but another option would be to expand the army out into Angmar, or Barad-Dur.

On a whim I picked up some of the Sea People packs from Lucid Eye Miniatures (the studio behind Red Book of the Elf King). They're from the Ziggurat line which looks to be mostly a fantasized version of various bronze age factions. I liked the style of the Sea Peoples, especially the massive Gulial the Nephilim. There's a King model that I'd like to get, but this makes for a good skirmish force for games like Open Combat or Fistful of Lead. 

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