Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A Good Krumpin' - Heroes of Black Reach AAR

Continuing on from last week, I pulled out my copy of Dropzone #1, a demo version of Heroes of Black Reach (an upcoming game from Devil Pig Games). If it sounds or looks familiar, that's because it's a reskinned and modified Heroes of Normandie, set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. 

I decided to pick up Dropzone because I've heard HoN praised time and time again, and because I'm on a continuing quest to play 40k without having to actually play 40k. 

Dropzone #1 includes a cut down rulebook, a paper map, and two cardboard counter punchboards. The units included in the demo are unique, meaning it's worth picking up apart from the core set and the army expansion sets. 

The demo game's scenario is fairly simple: to win, one side must occupy more of the four squares at the center of the map than the other side at the end of six game turns. 

The forces were:

Space Marines
Tactical Squad Solinus
--Heavy Weapon (Heavy Bolter)

Mob Boss
--Heavy Weapon (Big Shoota)

The scenarios deploys both sides in opposite corners of the map. The Orks have the numbers, but the Space Marines are better overall in quality.

Both sides advanced in the first turn, taking long range shots while on the move, which failed to cause any hits.

The Ultramarines continued their advance into turn 2, forcing the Orks back and removing a Shoota unit from the table. The Orks caused some damage in return, wounding both Sgt. Solinus and Malcian.

At the end of turn 3, the Space Marines had continues to hold the line, preventing the Orks from moving towards the objective. Another unit of Shootas was removed from the table, as Malcian advanced towards the entrenched Big Shoota, but the Space Marines' Meltagun unit was damaged.

Unfortunately, a burst from the Big Shoota was enough to remove Malcian from the table, and he was quickly followed by the Meltagun. While the Orks continued to take hits, Sam's force was now in danger of being flanked.

Of course, that wasn't going to deter the Ultramarines. The Orks lost enough units in Turn 5 to break both the Shootas and Sluggas, depriving the Orks of two of the four orders they had started with. The Orks, however, failed to cause any damage to the Space Marines. If the Emperor's Finest could contest the objective through the final turn, they'd win on victory points.

Unfortunately, Mork's eye had turned to the battlefield, and the Ork Boss managed to assault and remove Sgt. Solinus, occupying the square in the process. This was enough to secure an Ork victory, despite the massive losses!

Sam and I had fun, and it was nice to get our heads around the rules. I'm going buy the core set when it comes out, as it really does seem to give a good approximation of 40k without needing to play the miniatures game.

Dropzone #1 does come with some extras - the Space Marines can include a Rhino APC in their force, and the Orks can recruit a Killa Kan and a Trukk transport. Both sides can also take another heavy weapon options (Missile launchers).

I also managed to track down a copy of February 2018's White Dwarf, which included a unique punchboard with a unique Space Marine and Ork character.

What I'm especially hopeful for is the release of more factions - Devil Pig Games has already hinted that Eldar and Chaos Marines are expected as expansions.

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