Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ruinsgrave - Frostgrave AAR

After putting together I warband, I took a bunch of terrain that had been collecting dust in the basement and headed down to 7th Dimension Games to play some Frostgrave. It's been received with some interest with the others, and Cameron, one of the store employees, was my opponent for the couple games that we played. 

(By the way, we're using the alternate campaign rules from the Bad Karma blog, which can be found here.)

I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of the first game, as I was more focused on checking the rules for potential mistakes. Cameron won the game, however, with a 4-2 victory. His Apprentice used Telekinesis on one of my Treasure tokens before my own warband could reach and, and one of his Thugs ran it off the table. 

Cameron's winning allowed his Witch to set up in a Laboratory, while my Sigilist took up residence in a Library. Luckily, neither of our Warbands suffered any permanent casualties. Since I had won little gold, but found three Scrolls, I just sold all three for a decent profit and bought a Kennel to free up a slot in my Warband. But I would have to wait until after the next game to buy a new soldier. 

For our second game, Cameron switched the terrain around a little, since I had set up the table for the first game. 

My warband consisted of:
Wizard (Sigilist)
Treasure Hunter
x2 Thugs

Cameron's warband included:
Wizard (Witch)
Treasure Hunter
x4 Thugs

On the left side, my Apprentice dueled with Cameron's Witch. My thief grabbed one of the Treasure markers after a failed attempt by the Witch to Telekinesis it closer. For his efforts, my Archer and Crossbowman decided to turn the Witch into a pincushion. 24 inches of range can hurt when the table is only 3 feet wide!

Meanwhile, one of Cameron's Thugs made it off the table with a Treasure, and his Thief approached another. However, that token turned out to be one of the fake markers that my Fools Gold spell had created before the game. 

My Treasure Hunter managed to grab a marker as well, but Cameron's Warhound (who had been pushed away by my Apprentice) and one of his Thugs were getting pretty close.

However, one of the treasures I had won at the end of the previous game had been a Ring of Teleportation, which I had given to the Treasure Hunter. He put the magic item to good use, teleporting 8 inches away and then running off the table with the token. 

Frustrated by the disappearance of my Treasure Hunter and one of the Treasure Markers, the enemy Warhound and Thief tried attacking my Apprentice, who was defended by the two ranged combat specialists. Neither had anything better to do, as Cameron's Witch had thrown up a magical fog bank that blocked their line of sight.

The right side was a reversal of the left - my Wizard against Cameron's Apprentice. A well-aimed Poison Dart spell had crippled my Sigilist, however, severely limiting what he could do. Because of that, another of Cameron's Thugs managed to make it off the table with a Treasure Marker, despite only having a single point of Health left. Instead, the Sigilist used Push on Cameron's spade-wielding Treasure Hunter, who had been knocking off my models at a disturbingly regular rate during both games. 

In a separate combat, Cameron's Templar and Barbarian teamed up on my Warhound, who was soundly bashed off the table. The Barbarian had gotten his revenge from the last game, when the Warhound had defeated the raging warrior.

The game ended when Cameron got the last token off the table, making it a 3-3 tie. I used my new winnings to buy some magic items - a Ring of Power (1) and a Staff of Power (2) for my spellcasters) - and to beef up my Warband. I had lost a Thug and my Warhound in the after-game results, so they were replaced. My Archer and Crossbowman were replaced by a Ranger and Marksman respectively, and I added a Knight for another melee combat beatstick. 

I believe the games went well, especially after we worked out how combat works (it's remarkably simple once you have it down). I'm hoping to get more games in this weekend, preferably with more players and using one of the scenarios in the book instead of the basic one.