Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Big Box Terrain - Kickstarter Review

A month or so ago I received my reward for supporting Angry Mojo Games' Big Box Terrain kickstarter. The small mountain of mdf terrain sat in its box for some time before I decided to sit down and get some work done, mostly in response to the second Empire of the Dead campaign day coming up. 

So I cleared my hobby table, unpacked the box, readied my wood glue and got down to business. 

The terrain went together over the course of a couple days. I needed to take a break to allow the glue in the first kits I had assembled to dry. 

When I finished, I found myself with enough terrain to satisfactorily cover a 4'x4' paying area. If one were to treat the sarcophagi and gravestones as linear terrain that provides cover, it makes for a decent cemetery to have a shootout in, as there are plenty of places to hide.  

The entrance fence is more decorative than anything else, but it still has plenty of detail, like the individual tips of each fence-post. 

The large mausoleums have removable roofs, making them the perfect place to hide secret rites and rituals from the prying eyes of the public.  

The smaller mausoleums don't have removable roofs, unfortunately. They can still provide cover, however, or be spawning points for hordes of skeletons, ghouls and zombies. 

These spooky trees were pretty easy to assemble. The smaller trees came in two parts that slotted into each other, while the larger tree was eight individual sides that were individually slotted into three circular pieces that held the sides together.

Providing a nice place to relax (if relaxing in cemeteries is your kind of thing) is the gazebo set. The gazebo was probably the most effort intensive pieces to put together in the entire kit. It took two base pieces, fifteen individual posts and fence parts, and seventeen pieces for the roof! But it came together quite easily, providing a great (and potential malevolent to anyone named Eric) centerpiece. 

The fountain and floral-patterned benches accentuate the area. These pieces of terrain would probably work well in other settings, like a Victorian estate or American town. 

A collection of sarcophagi came with the kickstarter set, each (like the mausoleums) imprinted by a name chosen by one of the higher level backers. 

And it wouldn't be a cemetery without plenty of gravestones, and Angry Mojo didn't disappoint. Each stand has five slots, and there were plenty of headstones to chose from. Three types were both common and more numerous, but there were enough individualized headstones to make each stand different looking.

For a $50 pledge, I got enough terrain for a Empire of the Dead table, and even more for games that take place on smaller tables. While the Cemetery Set on Angry Mojo's website isn't quite as extensive, it does provide a good place to start, and could easily accentuate a table with some buildings or forests on it already.

I'm very glad to have gotten all this terrain for such a great price, and I'm looking forward to using it!


  1. Just found this while crawling the web. Nice write up, and many thanks for the kind words.

    1. Thank you guys for a great product! I'm hoping you'll do more with the Wild West line, as I've also recently started playing Wild West Exodus.