Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Painting Update - SAGA

I've been continuing to work on my SAGA project, which involves completing six point warbands for the four factions in the original rulebook. The Vikings and Anglo-Danes have been completed, and I've got a couple more points of cavalry to finish for the Normans. I recently completed the Welsh warband I had assembled.

The Warlord is a great model, with plenty of motion and character.

I painted the muscular cuirass as though it were leather, which offsets nicely with the silver, green and red of the rest of the miniature.

Two points of the warband are made up of Hearthguard. I decided I wanted to have a unifying theme around the elites in this warband, and so I painted each of their cloaks/capes red.

You might also notice that they're lacking in shields. This is a visual indication of the weaker armor saves that javelin-armed units have.

Half of the warband is made up of Warrior units. Alex demonstrated in our games how deadly twelve-strong units can be in a Welsh warband, so I thought I'd try to have enough warriors to fill out two units of twelve.

Again, may of the models in these units lack shields, indicating their javelin-influenced armor saves. These shields are also lacking in ornamentation, which is what several sources led me to believe Welsh shields were actually painted like.

You might also notice that the hafts of the javelins are painted a different color than those of the spears in other factions. Again, this is a visual indicator that these are actually javelins and not spears, in case the shorter length isn't clear.

The last unit in the warband is a group of bow-armed levy. It may have been a better idea to have them equipped with javelins - especially since the Welsh Battleboard abilities center around the 'shoot-and-scoot' mentality of the faction - but I thought a half-decent stand off unit might be good to have.

And that's the Welsh! Hopefully I can complete the Normans soon. They're actually going to be a little over the goal of six points. I picked up a couple extra cavalry units, so they'll be eight points when I finish.