Thursday, March 20, 2014

Painting Update - ACW, WWII

Once again, an update on what's on my painting table!

I've still be slogging away on the Union miniatures for Battle Cry. I'm getting close - so very close!

The infantry are the biggest problem so far - they've been primed for so long that the sprayed layer of paint is chipping off. Each infantryman needs a wash under hot water, a vigorous rub between my burning fingers, and a re-spray of primer. 

Two groups of finished infantry proves that this method is effective, at least. And the commanders, artillery, and cavalry have been properly based and primed. The whole package looks rather nice as a finished product.

I'm hoping the Confederate miniatures will take less time, as I only need a single color for their uniforms.

Flames of War has essentially died in my area. The single store supporting the game has decided to discontinue carrying Flames stock, and so stuck a nice big 40% off sale off everything Flames-related. I took the opportunity to buy an American rifle company boxset. 


Because I've still been meaning to get into Battlegroup, ever since Ken's introductory game. I'm looking to repurpose my German and British infantry for Battlegroup use, which will entail rebasing the infantry onto single bases. Machine guns, mortars, and other larger guns will remain on single bases, and I don't have to do a thing to the tanks I owe.

So the above is an American rifle platoon, along with a light machine gun team and a mortar team. I believe I can get another platoon out of the box if I need to.

These are the plastic Grenadiers from the Flames of War Open Fire! set, re-purposed and re-based. 3 squads, a command team, a heavy machine gun team and a mortar team. 

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