Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Painting Update - Warmachine, FIW, WWII

It's been another one of those weeks were I haven't gotten much painting or gaming in. Or any at all, really.

So, it's going to be another picture update, with some quick iPhone masterpieces I snapped of my work area. Enjoy!

I was asked by a local comic/game store to paint up some of their miniatures while their main guy is on deployment. I've been trying my best (28mm isn't exactly my scale of choice), and I've gotten enough compliments that I'm beginning to think I'm actually good at painting miniatures. Strange. I'll have the rest of what I've painted up later. 

These are the 15mm French Militia from Blue Moon/Old Glory I've been working on for my French & Indian War project.

 And, of course, it can't be much of a French & Indian War without any actual, you know, Indians.

Here we've got the last bit of 15mm British armor I'm working on. Here's what I've painted recently...

...and here's what still needs to be painted.

Some individually based 15mm British infantry. I may or may not use these for Battlegroup: Overlord, since apparently I can use my already painted, multi-based infantry.

And to round it all off, 6mm Modern tanks, IFVs, and infantry for a demo game of the light version of 'A Fistful of TOWs 3'.

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