Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Painting Update - FIW

Another painting post, this time showing the finished militia units for my French-Indian War project.

Here they are:

I need to add another two 10-man units for a full 'detachment' of militia, which I can then add into whatever mixture of Provincial, Regular, Ranger, or Indian forces (I'll also need to replace the current officer with something a bit more 'official' - most likely with a tricorner hat!). Militia made up a large part of the forces that fought in the French-Indian War, especially since a large part of it was fought in a non-traditional way for the European officers, many of who couldn't adjust their tactics to make up for this fact.

Next on my list is the French milita, and then the Indians. I've got to say, these Blue Moon packs are fantastic - all you need is a couple for a decent detachment of troops, and at $15 for 30 18mm miniatures, they're fantastically priced!

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